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i cried when he lost the apple

this is truly a masterpiece. not only is the story good, philosophical and humbling. but the animation and art is. but that is merely a fraction of what is awesome about it. i absolutely love this animation. there are only 3 things on this website that make me feel the way that this made me feel.

idc about how come nobody knows what an apple is. or passing the moon and crap. but the whole thing was soooooo.... idk. its just awesome.

actually, the fact that you thought of making seem like no-one knew what an apple was, and that it was some legendary plant that is so sacred the seed is stored in a special pot and stuff. how do you come up that stuff? its so cool.

animation 20/20
story 20/20
art 20/20
sense of well being and happiness after watching it....


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i dont know what to say. apart from that IMMD

exotworking responds:


the last few seconds ruined the whole thing

i only give a 5 for the animation and art.

the name and start is kind of misleading. fiendship- the unsinkable ship. then one of the friends kills the other because that was its plan all along?

i only have one thing to say.


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too easy

it was good and well made, but i was quite dissapoited at how easy and short the game was. i'd give you a 10 if it ad been longer.

the physics are wierd.

there is a part on level 2 where you dont die if you fall and on lvl 3 all the physics are wacky and stuff

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VioletVulpine responds:

level 3 is like that on purpose and the vcam messed up on level 2, I'll fix it tomorrow.

it wasnt fun

thats it. it wasnt fun or challenging. the graphics werent good, it wasnt addictive or anything.

it doesnt show the range of the guns so you dont know where to put them. im sorry. dont think it derserves to be with the other TD games on this site.

promat responds:

its called "MINI"td

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i like the song but not the name

its a pretty ok song


i find it very relaxing and ambient. like another said, i took 20 seconds to realize the song was playing. it makes a nice background tune.

i like to listen to music while i play games. but i just couldn't do that with this song. its like a drug. i cant stop listening to it. and when i do, its like something is missing. it makes me relaxed, peaceful, gives me a funny feeling inside. it gives me the same energy i get from dancing to a good song, only i don't (cant) have to do anything.

it sounds repetitive but... it... isnt really.

it is epic. cool. awesome and... very very good

i love it like i love cake.


okay. there wasnt much wwrong with it. so i'll deduct a point for everything i didnt like.
-1 for odd volume alterations
-1 for rough and/or too fast transitions
and -1 for the instrument and change of feel half way through.
i think the two halfs would go better as different songs. but yeah itts neat!

ps what program do you use?

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Zorbia responds:

Thanks for giving a great review. :D
I use Fruity Loops Studio 9.

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one of my favourites

i don't favourite much art on this site. but what i do favourite, its your art.

your cats are so cute and juyful. there is so much to think about when you look at them. such a simple little picture of a legless cat eating bacon? how is it that with your cat pictures. they just seem to... i dont know. they show almost more wit, cuteness and life than real ones (thats not saying much) but they just make my day >^.^<

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nice handwriting for a 7 year old...

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i am a young boy with a dream of becoming an animator. i come here for insperation and ideas. I also love making digital art and occasionally make music loops.

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